Lara KillsEdit

Lara Kills is quite the mystery to the city of Los Santos. Born Larisa Montero on May 1st, 1979 in New London, Connecticut to an upper middle class family. Kills grew up with 3 older brothers and a hardworking mother and father. At the age of 7, Kills and her 3 siblings were orphaned when their parents Armando and Natalia Montero were shot and killed on their way home from a party by an unknown group of men. Having to grow up with no parental guidance, by the time Kills turned 18, she had a reputation for being relentless, short tempered, and lacked any sort of human empathy. At 21, Kills met and soon married Harvey Kills, a New London mob boss of The Midnight Family. Kills soon became involved in the life of high organized crime. By age 30, Kills was the head assassin and hitwoman for the Family. Harvey Kills was poisoned in a restaurant on October 17th, 2007 by a man posing as a waiter, the case for Kills murder still remains unsolved. At age 37, Lara Kills is the current boss of The Midnight Family. Edit

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